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Driving Lessons in Lichfield


Latest Standards Check result 50/51 comment by the senior examiner;
"Excellent lesson. Enjoyed the lesson - well done."

At Lichfield Driver Training, based in Lichfield Staffordshire, we offer expert tuition, providing you with all the skills
needed to not only pass the DSA driving test but also equipping you for safe driving for life.

 You will learn to drive in a relaxed friendly way from a fully approved driving instructor (ADI Grade A) who is based in Lichfield.
Using all the latest coaching skills available we will make you feel safe and comfortable so that your learning experience is
enjoyable. Everyone learns at a different rate so your lessons will be tailored exclusively to you.

Whatever your reason for learning to drive at Lichfield Driver Training we are sure that we can offer you one of the best routes
to a full driving licence locally. You can choose to pay as you go, with no upfront fees and no hidden  surprises. We also offer
one of the most competitive prices in the Lichfield area for a 90 minute lesson, for only 28, you will get upto 50% more time
driving the car than other local schools one hour lesson for the same price, unbeatable value!

Gift Idea!

Want to give your son or daughter a special birthday gift?
Get them on the road to a full licence with our introductory driving offer of
3x 90 minute lessons for 50, a great way to get them started.
This introductory offer is for new drivers only and if you book early the first lesson can be taken on their birthday.

 You can arrange to be picked up from the place that is most convenient to you. Whether it's at your work, school, college or home
and we will arrive on time and never finish early. All your lessons will be on a one to one basis and you will drive the car on the first one.
At Lichfield Driver Training we believe that you should drive the car for most of your lesson, unlike some driving schools, who prefer
to sit at the side of the road and talk to you!. There will be times when we need to stop to discuss something or when introducing
a new routine. So be prepared to drive and enjoy the experience.

No matter what your previous experience is we will tailor your lessons directly to you in-order to prepare you as quickly and effectively
for the DSA driving test. If you come to us with some experience we will not treat you as a beginner but assess your driving and
work out an effective schedule to quickly reach test standard.

For more information and to book your first lesson
07972 229168
or text RING BACK with your NAME and we will contact you